It is the duty of administration personnel to ensure that all officers and employees are effectively performing their duties and to provide them with all support and equipment they may need to better serve the citizens and visitors of Scottsboro and monitor any problem areas within the city that needs to be addressed by police personnel.

Ron Latimer - Interim Chief of Police

Captain Greg Godfrey - Commander Patrol Division

Captain Erik Dohring - Commander Detective Division

Captain Scott Matthews - Jail Administrator

Lieutenant Jerry Vance - Training

Clay Bailey - Records Clerk

Cheryl Miller - Office Manager

The detective division investigates all crimes that are reported by citizens. They also conduct covert type investigations of known criminals or crimes that are known or suspected but not reported by citizens. The detectives are highly trained in the field of evidence collection, the operation of investigative tools or devices and interviewing and interrogation of witnesses and suspects of crime. Their cases are assigned from a pool of case reports that are usually submitted by patrol officers on behalf of reporting victims. The cases are then assigned in a rotation manner and the detective follows up on the case in an effort to make an arrest. The detective is responsible for presenting the case to the grand jury for felonies or municipal court for misdemeanors. The detective follows the case throughout the judicial process.
Detective/Captain Erik Dohring

Detective/Lieutenant Zackie Gant

Detective/Sergeant Scott Hamilton

Detective Ryan Putman

Detective Chris McIllwain

Detective Angie King


The ordinance officer works closely with the revenue and building departments. The officer issues warnings and violations to people or businesses who violate city ordinances and codes. The ordinance officer works under the supervision of the detective division.

Lieutenant Steve Davis

The function of the uniformed patrol division is to answer calls for service, enforce vehicular traffic laws, investigate traffic accidents, check suspicious persons or vehicles and patrol residential and business areas within the police jurisdiction. The uniformed police officers are highly trained in all aspects of law enforcement and conducts preliminary investigations at crime scenes. They are in essence, the first responders to calls for service and upon their arrival they assess the crime and make a decision to call for other necessary resources.

A Shift

Lieutenant Gary Shavers

Sergeant Brian Dicus

Officer Stephen Miller

Officer Kyle Bearden

Officer Lonnie Osburn

Officer Chase Garrett

B Shift

Lieutenant Scott Whited

Sergeant Brian Eakin

Officer Tracey Goff

Officer Daniel Welch

Officer Patrick Pereira

Officer Zach Brewer

C Shift

Lieutenant Derek Porch

Sergeant Jeremy Ake

Officer Parker Henegar

Officer Andrew Miller

Officer Zachary Randall

Officer Wade Batey

Officer Bailee Johnson

D Shift

Lieutenant Chris Dann

Sergeant Coty Durham

Officer Tyler McLemore

Officer Shylen Jacobs

Officer Ryan Manning

Officer Taylor Miller

Officer Wesley Taymon

The school resource officer's duties consist of patrolling public schools within the city limits. The officer also investigates all crime or incidents within the school system and assists faculty and students with any problems that may arise. The officers most important function is to provide students with a positive role-model and to develop a working relationship between students and the police. The officer provides a number of proactive programs and measures to insure a safe environment that is conducive for teachers to teach and students to learn.

Officer Wade Patterson

Officer Lee Benson

Officer Ann Cornelius

Officer Doug Franks

Officer Roger Jones

The communication officers are responsible for answering all incoming calls for assistance in the city as well as all 911 emergency calls throughout Jackson County and dispatch the appropriate agencies and resources required to help the caller. The communication officer also assists the police officers and emergency personnel with information support.

Miranda Hall

Pam Bearden

Shelly Wilson

Mary Cornelison

Angela Wilbanks

Heather McAllister

Karen Smith

Christy Crownover

Janet Lauderdale

Dora Britton

Dawn Hampton

Aaron Tolar

Cara Spradlin

Jennifer Sexton

The corrections officers are responsible for the intake of inmates brought into the jail by police officers. They also guard and attend to the essential needs of all inmates.

Ricky Martin

Lisa Hampton

Erica Nayadley

Suzette Pike

Bianney Contreras

Barry Powell

The warrant officers' duties are to locate and then serve arrest warrants and bring those subjects before the municipal judge. They work under the supervision of the city jail and are also bailiffs during municipal court proceedings.

Officer Kris Roney

The animal control officer enforces all leash and tag laws within the city limits and investigates all reports of neglect and attacks against people by domestic animals. The animal control officer is responsible for the operation of the animal shelter that houses and cares for unwanted or found animals.

Michael Venable

Kelly Parker

Heather Carlin

The school traffic officers are responsible for all pedestrian and vehicular traffic that occurs around city school areas during the beginning and ending of each school day. 

Division Contacts

  • Administration - 256-574-4468
  • Detective Division - 256-574-4468
  • High School Resource Officer - 256-218-2005
  • Junior High School Resource Officer - 256-218-2317
  • Animal Control - 256-259-6511
  • City Jail - 256-574-3333
  • Warrant Division - 256-574-4468 ext#344
  • Ordinance Officer - 256-574-4468 ext#336