Tip411 Alerts

Community Alert System

How to signup- you must first register a new account with tip411.com below. Be sure to enter your zip code during signup as this allows us to send alerts to that specific zip code. Once you have created your account, you must decide whether you want to receive Alerts for the entire City/County or just a specific neighborhood. For instance, if you subscribe to the group "Scottsboro Police Department", you will receive alerts for all sub-groups. If you wish to only receive Alerts for Downtown, mark only the "Downtown" sub-group. If you want to receive alerts for a specific section of the City or organization, subscribe to only that sub-group.

New groups may be added as the needs of our communities change. You can always log into your account and change your group subscription.

How are the Alerts sent? Depending upon which options you choose during registration, you may receive Alerts through both email and sms text messages.

What type of Alerts will I receive? This is dependent upon what groups you register. We are currently offering Alerts for Criminal Activity, Utility Outages (with updates), Severe Storm Threats, and Road Closures.

Need Help? Contact the Scottsboro Police Department at 256-574-3333