Annual Crime Analysis

I think most of the numbers are pretty unremarkable, maybe with the exception of traffic accidents.  I think we can attribute the spike in numbers for accidents due to the inclement weather we experienced (snow, ice, rain, flooding) this year.  That would also explain the spike in “calls for service” also.  Some of the reported 2014 burglaries were solved after the new year, otherwise the burglary arrest would be higher due to the numerous burglary charges related to those burglaries reported in late 2014.

Other than those issues that I have pointed out, I would call this year a good one with moderate increases and decreases in each item listed.

I attribute the successful crime analysis to all of our employees that all work as a team to serve the public and deter or prevent crime.  Furthermore, the public plays an intricate part in all of this with their assistance providing information and prompt reporting of suspicious activity and of crimes in progress.  The community works well with our police officers by sharing information that leads to crime prevention.  The Scottsboro Police Department appreciates the partnership that we have with the community and promotes citizen involvement by sharing criminal information with their police department.  Citizens may learn more about the Scottsboro Police Department and how to utilizes crime reporting tools located on the department’s web site at www.scottsboropd.org.

I would also like to thank the Mayor and City Council for their continuous support by providing our police department with an appropriate budget that allows us to continue to provide the best possible police service to our citizens throughout the year.   I hope to have a better year in 2016, as we will strive to improve in all aspects of modern policing.

Ralph Sig