Scottsboro Citizen Police Academy


The Scottsboro Police Department and Chief Ralph Dawe are proud to announce that they will be hosting their 18th Citizen Police Academy Program. Giving area citizens and business people a unique opportunity to gain some first hand information about the Scottsboro Police Dept. and legal system. The purpose of the Citizens’ Academy is to increase the publics’ understanding of law enforcement duties and responsibilities in order to foster cooperative problem solving between the Scottsboro PD and the community.

There is NO CHARGE for the classes. Citizens will learn about the challenges faced by police officers, laws affecting citizens, the judicial system and emergency management. Participants personally interact with officers, detectives and other personnel in a non traditional law enforcement setting.

Topics taught during the academy include police training, roles and responsibilities of officers, use of firearms and deadly force options, criminal investigative skills, traffic laws, crime scene search, communications, narcotics, gang education, and specialized units. Some of these classes are hands on & require student participation

The Scottsboro Police Dept. is committed to establishing close working ties with the members of the community we serve and establishing channels of communication in order to be responsive to the needs and desire of our community. The Department is aiming to build a stronger relationship between the community and the department while educating the community about police operations. A way for the community to be involved with the police department, and for the police department to be involved with the community.


8 Week Program

March 1, 2016 thru April 19, 2016

On Tuesday Nights starts @ 6pm

Plus a minimum 6 hours ride along program

Sign up ends Feb 8, 2016

Applications can be picked up the Police Department or apply electronically on this web site in the “Service” tab under “Citizens’s Academy” section.

916 S. Broad St.

Any questions may be directed to Officer Wade Patterson at

256-574-4468 or School Office 256-218-2005.      


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