Business Security

The security of your small business is paramount in these uncertain times. Stories of civil unrest and burglaries have business owners worried about their livelihoods. Here are a few business security tips that may help to keep your establishment safe.

Five Small Business Security Tips to Protect Your Livelihood

The commercial security needs of any company often rely on what these small businesses do. A shop on the street corner is going to have different needs than an online company’s warehouse. However, there are some security measures that can benefit all types of businesses.

1. Take Cybersecurity Serious

A significant part of the economy functions online It does not matter whether you have a multi-national corporation or a small business, the internet is essential. The internet also has its own security risks. Hackers, malware and even glitches can all threaten the function of a business. This means cybersecurity measures such as firewalls, antiviruses and system backups are essential. Put together a cybersecurity plan, and do not forget about guarding your social media too.

2. Light Up Your Business

A happy burglar is a burglar that can hide. That often means these criminals seek out dark places. Warehouses surrounded by darkness or shops that turn out the lights after closing are inviting to intruders. Setting up well-placed lights can deter the interest of many criminals. Motion sensitive lights have proven especially effective.

3. Install a Security Alarm System

A security system provides a direct line to the authorities, even when you are not there. When equipped with an alarm, it is also a major deterrent for any thief. These systems have a wide array of options, including features that allow you to monitor your business from home.

4. Update Your Locks

Here’s a business security tip you may not have thought about. If you have just leased or moved your business into a new building, change the locks. The former occupant may have copies of the keys. An ex-employee of the previous occupant may have kept his or her key. You really never know who may have an old key to your new property. Get your locks updated as soon as possible.

5. Install Smart Access

Technology is a beautiful thing when it comes to security. Thanks to security alarm innovations, there are smart lock systems with extraordinary features. With a smart access system, you can restrict or change access with just a few keystrokes. Want to know who entered certain areas of your business and when? Many of these systems make that information available. You even have multiple access options when it comes to smart access systems. You can utilize keypads, smart cards, FOBs or any number of other access options.

More Handy Business Security Tips

As we mentioned before, your business’ security measures will depend on the type of business you have. If your small business runs out of a warehouse, fencing or security guards may be a good idea. If you have a retail store, security cameras can help protect inventory. To figure out what security essentials your establishment needs, rely on an experienced security company.