While doing your holiday shopping and to avoid becoming a victim of crime, be sure to follow these tips to deter theft crimes:

Lock your vehicle.
Keep your valuables in your trunk or out of plain sight.
Park in well lit areas and as close to the store entrance as possible.
Ladies should utilize their shoulder straps of their purses while walking to or from the store.
Men should be aware of their wallets and button their pant pocket if possible.
If you feel that someone is following you around the store, ask management to escort you out when you leave or call the police.
Be aware of your surroundings and if you see something, report it to the police or management right away.
If you see a crime being committed, be a good witness by getting a good description of the perpetrator, tag number, vehicle description or anything that may help identify the suspect for apprehension.
While shopping be careful that someone is not watching to see your PIN numbers when using your credit or debit cards.
Also, be extra careful while driving to and from shopping centers, as we are experience a high volume of vehicles on the roadways in our city.

Happy Holidays,

Ralph Dawe
Chief of Police